IT Security

Alongside with general IT Security consultancy services we are offering a platform that is transforming classic email and messaging into a secure, contract ready trusted solution. The platform is offered in cooperation with Secourriel S.A. a fintech sister company. The platform is providing contract ready messaging for sensitive content and an instant legally binding receipt.

Software Development

Exige always strives to tailor solutions to match your company’s needs, rather than provide solutions around which your needs must fit. Keeping this in mind, we provide scalable, cost effective and integrated IT solutions that leave you free to concentrate on your core business activities. We provide the developing services through our sister company PureQuad dedicated exclusively to software development.
PureQuad has established a reputation for integrity and responsiveness while remaining cost effective. Our long list of satisfied clients covers a range of site locations across multiple continents: Geneva, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, Dallas, Bucharest, Dublin etc.

IT Strategy

The team behind Exige is bringing a solid 20+ years experience in IT in managing strategic IT Projects and IT Transformation Programs. We bring more than 11 years experience in managing IT infrastructure for large companies from the financial sector in Luxembourg.


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